Introducing Exalt Magazine

Today is the launch of the first issue of Exalt Magazine in London at 6 p.m.

What is Exalt Magazine?

Exalt Magazine is a quarterly print fashion focused magazine bringing fashion lovers a new and inspirational experience through insightful articles and creative editorials.
Exalt brings the reader stories of what goes on behind the scenes of the fashion industry, showcasing the inspiration and creating process. Exalt introduces the reader to new exciting collections and designers.

This is a magazine where the readers won't flick through, they will read and learn and be interested in new brands and techniques happening within the industry. Exalt's unique selling point is that Exalt shows the readers an insight into the industry. Behind the scenes of collections, makeup brands, editorials and insightful articles about the fashion industry.

With a focus just on fashion Exalt provides the reader with a new knowledge and interest. The design of the magazine gives the readers a creative way to read the magazine. Exalt uses a flip magazine design. Menswear one side and womenswear the other, ultimately splitting the magazine into two. Two covers, a mens and a women's. This clearly shows the reader that the magazine is mens and women's without the need to flick through. It also allows Exalt to be positioned within the mens section and women's in stores.

Inside Exalt Magaine

Exalt Magazine showcases new collections from high-end and upcoming, visionary and inspiring designers through editorials and features showing the designer's design process, inspiration and work space, an ultimate behind the scenes and insight into the designers process and life. Creative editorial features showcase new collections creatively, and articles give an insight into an aspect of the fashion world, something that the reader didn't know. Exalt is a constant insight into the industry. Exalt also features new beauty/grooming products and trends in creative and inspiring ways.

The editorials are innovative and fresh and always include a 'Behind the Scenes' page full of images and quotes from a team member about the shoot. Exalt Magazine will keep the reader inspired, interested and importantly, wanting more.

Who reads Exalt?

Readers of Exalt Magazine are male and female professionals and inspiring creatives who have a strong interest in the fashion industry. Exalt's readers are trend setters, always wanting to feel inspired by fashion. They are interested in established luxury brands and emerging designers, always wanting to be up to date with names to watch. They also have the buying power to allow them to purchase exclusive items featured within the magazine.

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