Spinoza’s philosophic concept that nature is “naturing”, playing an active part in our cosmos, was TEOSOPHY’s main inspiration for Spring/Summer '13 season.

Combining the colour exploration of a primitive, denudated nature with the study of a system, innate in us, namely the Tarot, we created the first Tarot t-shirts. The collection consists of both women’s and men’s t-shirts, depicting the 22 arcanes* of the famous deck with a different approach than usual.

The illustrations are primarily influenced by Tonalism, while the sophisticated neutral hues of their color palette in tone-on-tone variations capitalize on a play between shadow and light.

Every Tarot t-shirt comes along with the corresponding card, while a spiritual manual describes not only the meaning of the depicted arcane, but also various ways, in which one can “work” with it, in order to improve his personal life or career.

“I bought my first Tarot deck when I was 13 and ever since I haven’t stopped exploring its beauty and depth of wisdom”, stated Teo, the founder of TEOSOPHY. “Our goal was to translate all this wisdom into a fashionable collection that would help modern people in various aspects of their lives. Transferring a print onto a t-shirt has no meaning to us. Our aim is to turn fashion, and consequently clothes, into a spiritual tool that will broaden everyone’s personal horizons.”

The Tarot t-shirts will be an integral piece of every TEOSOPHY collection, with different illustrations, though, each season, becoming this way collectible items.

Materials: 100% cotton lightweight jersey

Silhouette: Loose fit

Colours: Oyster white

Prints: Abstract Tarot prints in neutral, naturalistic hues

Sustainability elements: - The collection is entirely created in Greece, boosting the local economy and apparel industry.
The fabric, as well as the dyes of the prints meet the OEKO-TEX® Standards.

TEOSOPHY’s capsule collection “Natura Naturans” is available throughout Europe exclusively at www.teosophy.net


TEOSOPHY aims to be the first spiritual fashion brand.
The name constitutes a word-play between Teo (the Founder) and Theosophy (from Greek "θεοσοφία", transl. divine wisdom), an esoteric, philosophic system which tries to investigate the nature of divinity, humanity and universe itself.
The fashion style and signature looks are inspired by various spiritual schools, thoughts, traditions and philosophies, which are then translated into “spiritual” collections with an edge.

TEOSOPHY's mission is to make fashion a “vehicle” for people to turn inwards (or upwards!) and explore their spiritual needs, and we aspire to become the world’s expert in spiritual fashion, spreading our philosophy on a global scale.

*arcane: (From Latin arcanus, transl. secret) At TEOSOPHY we call “arcane” each of the 22 symbols of the Tarot. In international literature one can meet other terms, such as Triumphs, Lames and more.

Source: press release
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