YMC SS14 Show @ London Collections: Men

Yesterday at London Collections: Men  Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins presented for their label YMC their spring-summer 2014 collection.

This Spring Summer, the YMC collection utilises the brand's signature blend of relaxed tailoring with an unmistakably playful edge. A minimal silhouette is offset by electrifying prints; combining the classic with the utterly modern - redefining the use of colour, print and texture as a tenet of the modern, masculine aesthetic.

YMC SS14 is an exploration of considered complexity, cultivating a laid-back look that has an unmistakeable attitude and assurance. This season, the utilitarian aesthetic of Autumn/Winter's 'Dead Inside' progresses into a more muted rebellion - oversize spot patterns, graffiti paint strokes and animal prints make reference to the brand's punk inspiration, yet are realised in luxurious, lightweight fabric choices and functional separates.

In classic navy and grey tones, punctuated by hues of deep indigo, lilac, sage green and pink the collection features intricate embroidered linen, bonded cottons, quilted chambray and velvety fleece. These muted accents come together with a spirited blend of understated luxury, fusing YMC 's bold masculinity with a laid-back summer attitude.

About YMC
When, back in 1995, Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins borrowed industrial designer Raymond Loewy's slogan, 'You must create', in order to name their nascent clothing company they couldn't have realised what a clarion call those words would become. YMC , as the company swiftly came to be known, took initial inspiration from work wear, the football terraces of the early 80s, the tradition of outward bound attire and American and British military wear. From the uniforms and sportswear they borrowed precision and crisp functionality and from punk they took a dark humour and well aimed iconoclasm.

YMC were and will always be defined as much by what they are against as what they are for. Since 1995 YMC has slowly and quietly evolved into a highly significant label. They are now among the prime exponents of a highly British form of modernism in clothes design. Where others are increasingly concerned with the fleeting, the transient and the contingent, YMC follow the Corbusian precept that form follows function.

The results, free from fads and fripperies, are as close to timeless as clothing gets. Urged on by Raymond Loewy's emphatic injunction, "You must create," YMC have gone on to do just that.They have spent the last seventeen years successfully building a loyal following of like minds who are also swimming against a rising tide of shabby arrogance and gaudy mediocrity. The clothing, beautifully tailored, ingeniously understated and full of hidden details, speaks for itself.

Source: Press Release
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