Valtadoros Spring-Summer 2015 @ 16th AXDW

Yesterday evening at Ethniki Asfalistiki Conference Center in Athens as part of the 16th Athens Xclusive Designers Week Paris Valtadoros presented for spring-summer 2015 his "Surya Namaskar" collection.

The collection is inspired by the history of yoga, Surya Namaskar is the sun salutation, a series of 12 postures performed in a single graceful flow.  
With a rising sun in the background one model after the other appeared with breathtaking creations.
Bold color and fabric combinations, geometric and organic shapes, and excellent workmanship were the key items of Valtadoros' collection.
His collection once again proved how talented and creative Paris is.

Paris Valtadoros was aiming to bring happiness and he did! 

Here a glimpse of the show.

See also his bridal collection in my previous post.
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