The Lee® 125 Years Collection

Lee® celebrates its anniversary of 125 years and organizes a number of very exciting projects and events by connecting them with a festival that lasts a whole year.

Top of the list is a group of brilliant people: they are the designers of the four most favorite labels of Lee® who helped the iconic denim brand to reinvent the most famous of fit & finishes.

Based on their shared obsession with the art of handmade, quality and proper implementation, these friends Lee® adapted their personal style by creating four separate lines in the collection.

With each designer as founder of his own successful brand, he is able to perfectly embody the aesthetics of worker-doer Lee®.
The all star line-up bears the name Donwan Harrell, creative director of the luxury denim brand Prps, Emma François created the female brand Sessun, Swedish Orjan Andersson the denim king, and the Belgian designers Sarah & Carol Piron and Gregory Derkenne the brand Filles à Papa.

The Lee® Men collection, the DIY alternative design approach of Andersson gives a perfectly modern, optimistic character in the project. Clean faded washes combined with black denim patches to give a more rock feeling to the final look.
Orjan praises denim brand Lee® with a simple, slim unisex silhouette.
And the genius connoisseur of denim, Harrell Donwan, adds a luxury male signal with his design Prps creating the "magic" of its own brand collection.

The collection Lee® Women has the Belgian designer trio behind it, with the cult female brand Filles à Papa - by the sisters Sarah & Carol Piron and Gregory Derkenne - they created a sexy, evening and casual look through their common love for the American sportswear , special aesthetic cool and rock 'n' roll mood.
These characteristics, equalized with the fresh and feminine aesthetics of Emma François, founder of the French female label Sessùn, which cooperates with Lee® to offer the finest design approach to the project. Finding inspiration in distant cultures, the music, art and «second-hand» philosophy could be seen as a small discovery, in which the collection has been built. Therefore, the approach of Emma is located firmly in detail, this approach is shared with Lee®.

The Lee® 125 Years Collection is a truly unique denim experience, highlighting both the genuine heritage Lee®, and its attention to the future. This is the perfect finale for the 125th anniversary of the original denim brand, with the world's best, contemporary artists, guests at the celebration.

The 125 Years Collection of Lee® is available in stores from October!
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