Dreamtime journey by Arne Frifarare

Arne Frifarare with 'The journey'.
Last evening Arne Frifarare, a swedish painter, opened his exhibition "Dreamtime journey" at Gallery Genesis in Athens.
Susanna Slöör as art critic compared Arne Frifarare with the Venetian painter Carpaccio.
She wrote: "Arne Frifarare repaints the history like a contemporary Carpaccio, who has received the key to the chamber of eternal light, where everything reappears only slightly jolted. The frame of mind is tightened just a hue or nuance to capture a more serene existence. Just like on an enchanted autumnal day the light cuts through - exceptionally sharp in contours and contrasts."

'Sisters' by Arne Frifarare.

She continues with: "Arne Frifarare moves comfortably, and by necessity, throughout history and between the chambers of the "then" and "now". For us, he restores the poem, the fairytale and the fantasy as means to conquer life."
The exhibition is until the second of April. For more information visit the website of the gallery and to see his paintings visit the gallery or click here.
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