Hommage to Irving Penn by Vassilis Zoulias

"The fifities    ... the showings were at night, black tie, no mob of paparazzi, no loud music. Just little gold chairs...very civilized. Then the girls came out, and they were so snotty to the audience. It was wonderful."

                                                                                                                                            Irving Penn

This photo is by Irving Penn, Vassilis Zoulias' inspiration for his Haute Couture show

Last night Vassilis Zoulias showed his Haute Couture collection at Amalias 36, an impressive building with impressive rooms and most of all wonderful photos. A perfect atmosphere was created at the second floor taking us back to the fifties. Reliving the fashion moments of photographer Irving Penn.

Just a few words from the press release of Vassilis Zoulias.
The Haute Collection Spring/Summer 2011 is based on a variety of traditional fabrics and couture techniques. Silk faille, shantung, taffeta, organza, different types of lace and tulle are draped, twisted and tied in bows and wild knots, sometimes embroidered with precious crystals.
Prints are sourced from vintage dealers and traditional couture suppliers.
A colorful collection combined with accessories, hats and shoes all selected by the designer himself.

Vanessa Kallipolitou, a top model during the seventies and eighties, showed us how  Couture Shows in Salons were done in those days.

Not like the first photo on my blog of Irving Penn but it was a real hommage to this great fashion photographer!
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