"Don't wait! Get prepared to survive today!"

This evening I payed a visit to the exhibition "Survival Kit" at Gallery Genesis in Kolonaki and had the chance to meet some of the 23 participating artists.

Survival Kit is an exhibition designed for a time and a city - Athens - in extreme crisis. How to survive in our intimate environment and the outside world. Iris Kritikou, curator, and Yiorgos Tzaneris, gallery owner, have chosen the artists for their inventive spirit and humour, their creativity in handling ideas and materials, and for their personal "survival" proposal they put forward. 
So let me show you some works of art in photos.

'Mother - for ever young and beautiful' by Pericles Kondylatos
'Sub - sis - tence (sb-sstns) noun' by Anna Maneta
'Box' by Angelos Antonopoulos
'Exit' by Kostas Pappas
by Georgia Gremouti
And some artists with their works.
Stefan Petridis and Iris Kritikou, curator

'Alissa, the whore, survives her daily night walks in dignity....' by Stefan Petridis
Alexandros Maganiotis with his Survival Kit

Detail of the Survival Kit by Alexandros Maganiotis

Yiannis Bekiaris with his work

Teo Daskalakis with his works 'My wife' and 'My second wife' and Iris Kritikou

George Tserionis with his Survival Kit

Noah's Kit by Vagelis Theodoridis

'Warrior' by Natassa Rachovitsa

Opener by Nikoletta Tzanne

On the left 'Nomadic Kit' by Miltos Pantelias and Irini Gonou with her Memory's kit

The exhibition is only until Saturday so if you like to see the works of art, hurry!
Gallery Genesis, Haritos 35, Kolonaki (http://www.gallerygenesisathens.com/)
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