Zeta Makrypoulia for Raxevsky

Last night Raxevsky celebrated five years collaboration with Zeta Makrypoulia at Gazarte, Gazi.
Five years ago clothing company Raxevsky choose Zeta Makrypoulia as their muse.

Zeta Makrypoulia and George Mourtzouchos, President & CEO of Raxevsky

From Japan, Egypt, China, Maldives, Indonesia, Latvia & Estonia, Bora Bora, USA to Thailand went their journey together. Always impressive photoshoots by Roula Revi showing the latest collections by Ravevsky.

The summercollection is photographed in Koh Samui, Thailand but last night we had the chance to see their collection at the catwalk. For the first time in Athens Raxevsky had their own 'stand alone' catwalk.
Starting with a videoclip of Grease with Olivia Newton John and John Travolta bringing us back to the fifties. Followed by a dance performance with Thodoris Panagakos and Anna Polyzou of Dancing with the stars and models like
Olga Kypriotou, Angela Evripidi, Sylvia Papadaki, Stella Giampoura, Thalia Giannakopoulou, Andreani Tsafou and Dimitra Alexandraki showed the new collection of Raxevky, hair and make-up inspired by the fifties

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