A few words on the designers at day 3 of AXDW

Andreea Tincu & Sense (17:30)

With experience over ten years in the fashion industry Andreea Tincu, a Romanian designer shows for the first time in Athens. Her collection includes a carefully studied construction, geometry, minimalism and pure lines, purged of any unnecessary details so let us see her.

Stephan Caras (18:30)

"The designer who loves women" and his son Kyriakos will show also for the first time in Athens. Stephan is born in Greece, educated in Australia and living in Canada. His clothes are known for its innovative style reflecting his own artistic vision. Luxurious fabrics, rich textures and defining trims are an integral part of his design process.

Celebrity Skin (19:30)

'Dare to wear' is the motto of designers duo Dimitris Strepkos and Eleni Mparla. This season they take part with their alreayd 5th collection 'Dramatic Discipline' for fall/winter 2011/2012.
We met Celebrity Skin during the 5th AXDW as new designers. They won the awards for Best Catwalk and Best New Designer and we followed them during the next collections.

Celebrity Skin at the 5th AXDW winter 2009/2010 "Tim Burton's Impossible Nightmare"

Celebrity Skin at the 6th AXDW spring/summer 2010 "Immortal Extravaganza"
Celebrity Skin at the 7th AXDW fall/winter 2010/2011 "Desireless Humanoid"
Celebrity Skin at the 8th AXDW for spring/summer 2011 "Cemeterial Purity"
Christine & Joe (20:30)

Christina Pappa and Joe Togkou presented last season their first collection at AXDW. Now they prepared a even more sexy collection believing that a woman must behave to be feminine and sexy!

Christine & Joe first collection spring/summer 2011
Ratt by Rita Attalla (21:30)

Excessive luxury is Rita Attalla's proposal for fall/winter 2011/2012 . The idea of the chic uniform is the emphasis of this collection's looks. Taking its geometrical cuts as a starting point, Ratt is constructing a silhouette from a simple knitted draped dress to an exaggerated jersey evening dress with sculpted shoulders.
Rita will participate for the third time at Athens Exclusive Designers Week

Ratt by Rita Attalla at the 7th AXDW

Ratt by Rita Attalla at the 8th AXDW for spring/summer 2011
Angelos Frentzos (22:30)

Angelos Frentzos is a greek designer based in Milan. He graduated at St. Martins in 1997 and since than he not only launched women's wear collections but also men's wear. Last year Angelos showed for us his collection not at a catwalk but at the steps of the entrance at Ethnikis Asfalistikis where the 7th AXDW took place.
Also this year we are looking for something new as at the program announced a concept show with Zand the Band.
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