Celebrating Freedom

On the 4th of May in the afternoon there was a small memorial service at the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Palio Faliro, Athens.
Yesterday it was National Memorial Day in The Netherlands. Remembering all the freedom fighters of the second world war but also recent victims and soldiers died in action fighting for freedom and democracy. Today we are celebrating freedom.

At this cemetery a dutch first mate, Willem van der Vlies, is buried and every year the dutch ambassador takes a wreath to his grave. Willem van der Vlies died of his injuries after his ship was torpedoed in the Ionian Sea.
After the speech, the wreath and the military tattoo, there was two minutes silence to commemorate.

And thanks to all these soldiers and freedom fighters, we are celebrating our FREEDOM!
This post is not about fashion or art but without these freedom fighters we weren't be able to choose what to wear and how to wear it or to express ourselves in anyway we want!

"Their name liveth for evermore"
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