Hideki Seo at Monsters in Fashion - Museum Benaki

Hideko Seo, a japanese graduate of the Antwerp Royal Academy, did the opening of the fashion show or Monster's Ball as Atopos called it, with one of his designs. Saturday evening at the museum Benaki at Peiraias street was the opening of the exhibition 'Monsters in Fashion' and the Monster's Ball.

"Designers internationally are creating playful and avant-garde costumes that question conventional perceptions of beauty by investing the human body with monstrous and grotesque characterics 
The growing influence of the so-called character figures in the realm of fashion and costume design, particularly strong on the catwalks over the last decade, is the focus of this exhibition running at the Benaki Museum until July 31." (C. Papadopoulou for Athens News)
Hideki Seo is one of the right choices who fits in this description, have a look:

Hideko Seo

The sketch
 During the graduate show Hideko Seo showed a creative collection, not really wearable, but for sure impressive. Two of this designs are part of the collection at the museum:

And the design with the lights on:
Hideki Seo at Monsters in Fashion - Museum Benaki Hideki Seo at Monsters in Fashion - Museum Benaki Reviewed by Patricia Munster on 5:18:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. I've always loved window shopping for clothes (vintage or new) and visiting museums, so this exhibit is the best of both worlds.


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