Addy van den Krommenacker received a Knighthood

Addy van den Krommenacker, a well-known dutch fashion designer, received yesterday on Queen's day a Knighthood in the Order of Nassau for his achievements and his contribution to several dutch foundations like the Salvation Army, Dutch Film Festival, Orange Babies, Erasmus Festival and more.
In the Netherlands it is a tradition on the day before Queen's day the new 'Knights' to be announced, but it was a big surprise for this talented designer.

Photo by Albert den Iseger
In a period of only seven years, Addy van den Krommenacker has received four prestigious fashion awards, the "Look of the Year International Haute Couture Award 2007 " for best foreign contribution to the Haute Couture, the Fashion Awards in Catania, Sicily, the Fashion Award at the annual gala "Premio D'argento Posi Done" and the Fashion Museum Award 2010 in Amsterdam. This award is given to designers whose creations a bridge between different countries and cultures.

Addie's creations - without exception - received rave reviews, superlatives, standing ovations and rave jury reports. Fashion experts praised him for his use of colors and fabrics and refreshing vision of couture. Its annual fashion show in the Netherlands is an event where fashion experts eagerly anticipating. Dutch famous musical stars and actresses are happy for the day in his evening dresses: on the red carpet, on television, in film premieres, Oscars, concerts and gala performances.

And me during Amsterdam International Fashion Week in januari 2011 I was proud to photograph his ready-to-wear and Haute Couture collection.
Here some photos of backstage of his fashion show at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

And last minute changes...for the show to start.
And here some photos of the fashion show:

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