Smoking on the catwalk: part 2

Just received a message from fashion designer Vassilios Kostetsos. He read my post about Kate Moss and he pointed me out that he already in 2008 has send models on the catwalk smoking...
So Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss got inspired by this known greek fashion designer! Not the other way around as most of us assumed. Also in 1994 Kate Moss walked for Vassilios Kostetsos in a fashion show of him.
Of course I checked my photos and here are the photos of the fashion show of the 16th of March, 2008 at Zappeio during the Hellenic Fashion Week.

This fashion show is talked about a lot because of Julia Alexandratou so I can't remember anyone paying attention to the smoking...

But thanks to Vassilios Kostetsos I could correct my previous post about the smoking on the catwalk.
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