Greek celebrities in Marni at H&M

On March the 8th is the launch of Marni at H&M worldwide, let us have a closer look at Marni and how greek celebrities could wear this new collection.

Marni is known for its distinct patterns and designs. Colorful, modern and many all-over prints. Founder and creative director Consuelo Castiglioni designed the H&M spring collection to reflect the true signature of Marni for both men and women. She wanted all of her favorite patterns and colors with characteristic materials and designs to be in the collection, combining tribal motifs with Bauhaus prints for a sporty look.

Marni's collection for H&M is mostly about freedom and experimentation. The aim of Marni's prints and colors is to combine them in a playful way. African prints are the basis for the Bauhaus style and sporty silhouettes merge with feminine shapes. The collection also includes shoes, bags and elegant accessories to complete the Marni look at H&M.
For males, Marni used subtle prints and softer colors.
Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor of H&M says:"It is fantastic to see how Consuelo Castiglioni with its impressive craftsmanship of her designs is due to new combinations of patterns and colors."

But back to Athens, thinking of the collaboration of H&M and Versace and which greek celebrities joined the press preview I would love to see the following celebrities in the following style.
Tamta gives us a preview of her choice at Miss Bloom, see all the photos by clicking here.

So I would love it if she will be wearing it like in the ad campaign with the cardigan, the white collar, the stockings, the belt but instead of the flat shoes I prefer the high heels and add a white bracelet of the collection.
See it here:

Lydia Papaioannou
Instead of the cardigan I prefer the dress
Anna Prelevic
 The way it is!

Katerina Tsavalou
Instead of the blouse the sleeveless top and high heels!
 Ivi Adamou
Of course high heels!
 Nikoletta Ralli
 Kostas Martakis
I haven't seen yet at an event a man wearing a short so that is why I put the trousers and sneakers and the blue shirt would be great on Kostas!
The guest DJ of the press preview is George Satsidis, so I think I would love to see him in this outfit. Only I am not so sure about the 7/8 trousers...

H&M asked greek fashion bloggers to post a trendy article on the collaboration between H&M and Marni. The post with the most likes get a total look by Marni at H&M and will be interviewed for the exclusive video of the press preview. So that is why a lot of fashion bloggers are sending a lot of mails, tweets and messages on facebook about this special post. Have a look at all of them and decide which one is your favorite and see on Tuesday the 28th of February which one gets the price! And the winners are Claire and Vasia of Fashion Has It, I loved the collage and Tasos of Posh Fashion with his choice of the men's collection.

As you see the women's collection had vibrant colors and strong patterns, African inspired or simple block colors. The silhouettes are typically Marni: pleated skirts, dresses, 7/8 pants and jacquard knitwear, silk and cotton poplin.
Sofia Coppola did a great job for Marni at H&M, if you haven't seen it yet, now it is the chance!
Don't miss the launch on the 8th of March! Check at for a shop nearby you.

In an interview of Consuelo Castiglioni I read that she stated that she sees fashion and art linked "since they both express their time" so it is a must to mention is on my blog of Fashion & Art!
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