Epic Day Spa opens in Glyfada

Mada Tsagias-Papadakou and Claudia de la Flor opened yesterday a beauty and wellness salon in Glyfada, A. Metaxa 46B street, the Epic Day Spa.
A place for Spa therapy with Garra Rufa fishes, for manicure and pedicure, for massage, for collagen therapy and a lot more.
Claudia de la Flor and Mada Tsagias-Papadakou

And a lot of guests puts their hands in the aquarium with the little fishes

A glimpse of Epic Day Spa

Orthoula Padakou's team of Taverna, the catering at the opening

And Tetramythos wines offered the drinks at the opening

The team of Epic Day Spa is waiting for you!
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  1. Happy to see Tetramythos Winery supporting your event! The wines are now available thru Anglo Hellenic Distributors in the UK.
    Hope to have your support in spreading the good word about great Greek wine like Tetramythos in the UK.

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