Vegas vs Melisses @ Red Bull Soundclash

Yesterday evening at Building 56 in Athens Red Bull organized for the first time in Greece the SOUNDCLASH. Greek band Vegas had to compete the Greek band Melisses.

"Red Bull Soundclash is a unique musical experience that brings two bands with different sounds, styles and influences together under one roof to compete for the devotion of a room full of fans. With the bands set up on opposite stages, each group takes it in turn to improvise around a groove and then wait as the opposing band has to answer. Which band will call the tune? Which band will lift the crowd? Which band will be the ultimate winner?"

Presenter of the evening was Nikos Vourliotis and kept the crowd busy by asking everytime to support their favorite band by yelling and the decibells were counted. So the winner of the Soundclash is the band with the highest score of decibels..

The evening started with a performance by Melisses.

Followed by Vegas.

The styling of Vegas is done by Fani Polychroniou. The singer of the band is Melina Makri is and was wearing a design by Celebrity Skin.

 The shoes are designed by Freakersneaks and are specially made for this evening.

The guys are wearing designs by Konstantinos Mitrovgenis.

And also these shoes are by Freakersneaks
A lot of devoted fans, taking photos, recording video and enjoying the performances
The surprise of the evening was the appearance of Elena Paparizou, joining the Melisses. Vassilis Karras performed with Vegas.

I loved the body of Elena, as soon as I find out who the designer is, I will put it here.
And the winner of the evening is:

With how many decibels?:

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