The elixir of Youth? ‘World changing’ new anti-ageing cream goes on sale. Last week at Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya was the product presentation of YSL FOREVER YOUTH LIBERATOR .

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Read what is claimed in the press release:

The launch of this new skincare range by Yves Saint Laurent was met by unprecedented demand. Acclaimed by the beauty press and scientists alike, FOREVER YOUTH LIBERATOR is already one of the most talked about new product launches in recent years.
The skincare range is flying off YSL counters worldwide and already has a celebrity following from the likes of Victoria Beckham and Rhianna.

Glycobiology: 100 years of research, 7 Nobel Prizes.
Now, 1 Skincare discovery:
FOREVER YOUTH LIBERATOR is a complete line of skincare with proven effectiveness: Wrinkles appear reduced. Skin feels/looks more plumped. Radiant look of skin is boosted. At the heart of this beauty ritual, Yves Saint Laurent offers an iconic serum with exceptional results. This serum holds 8 patents worldwide. The line has undergone local adaptations to respond to the various beauty rituals and the expectations of women around the world.
Proven results: Anti-wrinkle Lift. Plump. Radiance.
88% agree skin looks more luminous*
72% agree fine lines appear less visible*
72% agree skin feels more plumped*
*Self assessment on 50 women. Results proven under independent control.


Everyone – women of all ages. For mature skin, FOREVER YOUTH LIBERATOR skincare is corrective, for younger skin it is preventative.


Yves Saint Laurent has developed a unique initiative with the creation of the YSL.SKINSCIENCE Committee composed of world-renowned experts in glycobiology and dermatology, together with L’Oréal researchers. This pioneering approach to skin research is opening the way to progress in the cosmetics field by applying glycobiology to the skin


The fruit of more than 100 years of research and recognized by 7 Nobel Prizes, glycobiology is the science of glycans which the Massachusetts Institute of Technology calls one of the 10 emerging technologies that may change the future of medicine.
Naturally found in the skin, glycans play a crucial role in the skin ageing process. Their activity diminishes over time, leading to the “locking” of cells and blocking the youth process. Yves Saint Laurent has identified an innovative combination of glycans, called Glycanactif™, which unlocks the cells to help stimulate skins youthful potential.
Out of millions of combinations, the YSL.SKINSCIENCE Committee identified an innovative blend of glycans, called Glycanactif™, which helps unlock the cells in the skin to increase a more youthful level of activity. (in vitro test)

The ingenuity of Glycanactif™ lies in its structure, which is built around an exclusive, patented trio of glycans.
Developed to a key to skin cells, Glycanactif™ “unlocks” access to the cells to reactivate the skin’s youth-promoting functions. This breakthrough complex helps restore more optimal levels of the glycans that decrease with age to promote the synthesis of the components that form the matrix of the skin’s structure, and stimulate the mechanisms of skin maintenance and renewal.
Like the glycans contained in the skin, Glycanactif™ helps restore and improve 3 functions:
  • In the cells, it stimulates activity.
  • On the surface of the cells, it promotes communication.
  • Between the cells, it promotes communication.

Glycanactif™ supports the skin in 3 areas:

  • In the epidermis: it stimulates the synthesis of the hyaluronic acid receptor CD44.
  • In the dermal-epidermal junction: it stimulates synthesis of perlecan glycan.
  • In the dermis: it stimulates synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs).
So if all is true in this press release (I would love to try this new skincare line to prove it ...) YSL is selling more than hope alone.
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