Charlotte Gastaut for Le Paradis Cacharel

Charlotte Gastaut, a young and talented French illustrator did the designs of a limited edition of temptation fragrances for Cacharel, the Paradise collection. She has created a fresh and colorful world, revisiting the floral pattern that has been Cacharel's emblematic symbol for decades. She designed for Cacharel a paradise strewn with exuberantly colored flowers, where exotic birds of paradise come to gather their nectar…
It is in this paradisiacal case that Cacharel fragrances flourish for this limited edition.

Charlotte Gastaut graduated at ESAG Penninghen, she first made her mark working for international magazines. She went on to publish her own illustrated books, which have since been translated and sold throughout the world.
For the Cacharel Paradise collection, her first collaboration with a brand, she has created a fresh and feminine, absolutely paradisiacal universe… Charlotte's universe

Here the interview with Charlotte Gastaut send to me as press release:

How would you define your universe?
I love looking all around.
Which artists inspire you?
Kay Nielsen, John Bauer, Jeanne Lanvin, Kitty Crowther, Gilles Barbier and Dalida.
What does the brand Cacharel mean to you?

The south, liberty print. Lightness and the 1970s.
What are the similarities with your universe?
Have you already worn Cacharel fragrances?
No. But my cousin has always worn Noa.
As an illustrator, is this the first time you've worked with a brand?
Yes. I've been working exclusively in publishing for several years. This meeting with Cacharel was one of the first projects brought to me by Costume Trois Pièces (who recently became my agents). I have to admit that I was thrilled!
Was the approach different from the one you take when you're making books?
It's a more complicated approach because you have to take into account very elaborate specifications. I generally work in publishing, so I often have only to deal with myself. The appeal of working for a brand like Cacharel is being able to adapt to all of these requirements while enjoying yourself. It's very gratifying when the project is accepted because you know you've done a good job and you have satisfied the large number of people involved.
What were your inspirations in designing this collection?
They came from the various artistic directions that the Cacharel team gave me and the synthesis that I was able to make of it in my work. I took a more Japanese-inspired approach from the start. The color chart also helped steer the project tremendously.
What do the different elements represent?
The birds flying on the bottles? The apples, branches and disproportionate flowers evoke the theme "Paradise", which was the guideline. I introduced the birds to add a bit of lightness and freedom. Swallows to represent spring and rebirth. Like a garden in Paradise where swallows come to rest after the winter.
How would you define the Cacharel Paradise? What did you want to bring?
The Cacharel Paradise is frequented by blossoming young women.
There are flowers and a gentle breeze blowing through them. It might look like a Nabis painting.
Gentle, dense and full of color.
What is your Paradise?

The sea.
What is its fragrance?
A stone warmed by the sun. A sweet, warm tomato.

Each Cacharel perfume is an original fragrance, a unique story. In the sillage of these mythical elixirs an olfactory paradise has emerged, a haven of femininity, softness and sensuality.
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