Styling seminar Fashion Talks @ Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya

Yesterday at Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya in the center of Athens started the styling seminar Fashion Talks: The truth behind a styling career by masters and experts of the fashion world.

The first seminar was about working within a fashion magazine, experts of several greek magazines were invited to talk about their experience:
Publishing director Stella Rapti of Madame Figaro,
Fashion Production and Bookings Editor Athina Nikis of Votre Beauté and Marriage,
Fashion director of Vogue Michael Pandos,
Fashion director Nikolas Georgiou of Votre Beauté and editor at Dapper Dan,
Creative art director Angelos Pantelidis and consultant at TwoOneZero ,
Photographer Mara Desipri
and Journalist Mia Kollia.

It was an interesting conversation about the do's and don't's within a fashion magazine.
The most important message was that there must be an excellent cooperation between the different departments within the magazine. Fashion, Creative art and Publishing director should work as a team, aiming at the same goal and keeping the same image of their magazine in every issue. Communication skills are a must, the publising director puts it in words while the creative art director must translate these words in an image by using moodboards to share it with the fashion director, the photographer, the make up artist, the hairstylist and the model.
Also the advertising department within a magazine plays an important part in the final result.
Especially at the moment where the clients of the magazine, the advertising companies and fashion houses demands more and more. As fashion director you get limited in your creativity by being obliged to use garments or accessories from one of these clients or not to be allowed to combined some brands together in one editorial and the budget...It demands even more of the creativity of a fashion director.
Although Michael Pandos of Vogue assured us that there is still some space in the magazines for independent editorials, for newcomers in the fashion industry, as long as it supports the style of the magazine.

Vicky Kaya is an excellent hostess and offered handmade cake, a lot of flavors of Lipton Tea and fashionable biscuits by Fresh.

Don't miss the next session on Saturday the 3rd of March at 2 o'clock: Work as a styling consultant in a Fashion House.
Find out more about Fashion Workshop by clicking here.

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