Backstage @ 18th AXDW

Athens Xclusive Designers Week presented more than 40 designers as you could see in my previous post. To create amazing shows it is hard working behind the scenes. Not only the preparations of the collections in the months before the show but also on the day of the show. Hairstyling and make up makes the collection of the designer complete!

Here a glimpse.

Sofia Kyriakidou

Boško Jakovljević 

Vicky Kaya
Hairstyling was by Vassilis Diamantopoulos' team

 and make up by Freddy Kalobratsos' team.

Evelyn Kazantzoglou

Evi Adam

Esther Mastroyianni
Atelier Loukia
 Photos courtesy of AXDW by Studio Panoulis

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