Expresso supports Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

From the 9th until the 18th of October 150 clothing companies in The Netherlands are taking part at the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week. In my town Zoetermeer Expresso is part of it.

The store is in the Stadshart, Burgemeester van Leeuwenpassage 21. Zoetermeer
This national campaign is organized to give consumers insight into a responsible fashion and providing information on what to look for when buying their clothes. A large number of multi-brand fashion stores are working together to put sustainability on the map, to inform consumers about what exactly is sustainability and what to look for when buying their clothes.

So I visited the store of Expresso and had a look at their clothes. By selecting their fabrics they follow the criteria set by MADE-BY, the buyers team of Expresso chooses for sustainably produced synthetics and organic cotton. For the production of their clothing they work closely with the FairWear Foundation. This foundation is monitoring the operating conditions, work spaces and salaries at the sewing ateliers. And Expresso is obliged to check the working conditions and point it out  to their manufacturers in order to maintain their pledge.

Your own part in getting a better environment can start easy as Expresso suggests:

  • you don't have to wash your clothing after wearing it only one time (expect your underwear!)
  • use environmentally-friendly detergent
  • wash your clothing with 30 degrees, it is also better for your clothing!
  • dry your clothes in the open air, avoid your clothes dryer if it is possible
  • NEVER through away a garment! Donate it to an organisation that helps other people or that recycles the materials.

The store was divided in themes like Metallic Melange, Rough Purity and Treasured Moments

Until Sunday the 18th of October you will receive this practical gift by each purchase you make!
So you don't have to ask anymore for plastic bags!

A sustainable gift of Expresso for each client!
About DSFW
The Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week is an initiative of Goodbrandz, sustainability consultant for fashion retailers and importers, in collaboration with retail service organization Euretco, Urgenda, organizational sustainability and innovation, Choose Sustainable Fashion (Kiesduurzamemode), the platform for leaders in sustainable fashion and is supported by the Ministry of infrastructure and environment.

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