Selfie or Self-portrait: a personal expression by Miss Aniela

At the moment I am reading 'Self-Portrait Photography: The Ultimate in Personal Expression' a book by Natalie Dybisz also known as Miss Aniela.

In her book she started that self portraits are from all centuries, started in ancient Greece and Egypt.
The 'Portrait of a Man in a Turban' by Jan van Eyck of 1433 may well be the earliest known panel self-portrait. It started for the painters to show their own qualities in painting and as you can see with Natalie, see started with taking self portraits with a simple camera and nowadays she is working as a fine art & fashion photographer using Phase One and Nikon cameras.
So when you are taking a lot of selfies you an exploring your personal expression but to be honest for me it is quite a difference between selfies and self-portraits.

Her book is an inspiring approach on her start as self-portrait photographer and is a guide line to explore your own qualities in photography. Even if you are not interested in self-portraits it is worth while reading. Although when no model is around it is a good alternative to take photos of yourself!

I love her self-portrait 'An Impromptu Performance' of 2008 inspired by Edgar Degas.

Nowadays she is working on a project called 'Surreal Fashion', all about my favourite combination fashion & art!
See for more of her photographs on her site.

And listen to her interview she gave during Photokina on one of her works.

About the photographer
MISS ANIELA is a fine-art fashion photographer based in London, UK. Her career as an artist began in 2006 whilst a student, when she was offered solo shows in London and Madrid, and sought to speak in the US for Microsoft. Her work has since been exhibited internationally, published in numerous media and she is the author of two photography books. Miss Aniela is now a business run jointly with her partner Matt Lennard. Together they run a self-branded production, the Fashion Shoot Experience, in London, LA and New York. Their life passion increasingly lays in making the ultimate photography adventures happen.
Source:, photos are copyrighted by Miss Aniela.
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