Wrangler Fall-Winter 2015-2016 Born Ready

Wrangler presents the winter collection with perfect lines and special fabrics, making your days most beautiful and your evenings more fun.

The women's collection includes skinny designs and series such as regular-skinny Corryn.

New entry of the season is the boyfriend jeans. The Wrangler denim channelled the experience into a renewed version of this modern trend: not low waist nor high waist, but comfortably around the waist and hips, narrowing down to create an elegant, tucked silhouette. Available in three colors to suit every taste: you will look great with any you choose.

The Wrangler adopts a new philosophy that starts this season: philosophy Born Ready. Feel ready for anything with this winter collection that the jeans goes a step further in the future. Innovations include Cold Ready and Rain Ready denim, which keep you warm in the cold and dry in a sudden rain storm.

And to keep the skinny jean more wonderful than ever, the Shape Ready jeans enriched with an incredible ability to restore. It is a kind of design which begins weaving: since cotton blended with Lycra® dualFX®, these jeans always return to their original form.

The prints of these T-shirts caught my eye

and these belts are most haves!

About Wrangler

The brand of Wrangler was born in 1947 on a platform of innovation: to create the best jeans for cowboys.
Today, Wrangler continues to create the best jeans and meets the needs of modern consumers. To show handsome, but to work hard; the element that directs Wrangler to make you feel Born Ready - full strength to face all that will bring life.
The collection is based on modern lines you can wear then topped by innovative finishes. Wrangler accelerate the development of jeans with pioneering initiatives: denim that keeps the rain away or to help you feel warm in the cold.

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