Buttoníssimo by Mighty Styley

Earlier today Madrid based apparel startup Mighty Styley S.L. announced the introduction of the World's Fastest Buttoned Shirt. For women, men and children. Since especially little kids have difficulties with buttons, now they can unbutton their shirt themselves!

According to Joep Maussen the newly invented buttoned shirt has consistently generated positive feedback during R&D testing and demonstrations at international apparel retailers. Innovative thinking and Dassault Systèmes 3D design software enabled the company to successfully establish a new and patented class of buttons that will delight customers through improved easy-of-use and world-class design.

Mighty Styley's Buttoníssimo shirts represent an entirely new approach to the traditional buttoned shirt and makes unbuttoning 20 times faster compared to traditional buttoned shirts. The newly invented button has been developed for any person looking to save time getting undressed.

At the start of 2013 Maussen teamed up with several experts in patent law, 3D design and apparel manufacturing to introduce the patented shirt on Kickstarter today. “During a two year period we conducted a lot of research aimed at creating the ultimate ease-of-use experience that also pleases the eye.” explains Maussen who has a background in marketing, management and counselling psychology.

Kickstarter backers can pre-order the innovative shirts until Nov 15, 2015.
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