Travelling through time with Vassilis Zoulias @ 18th AXDW

Vassilis Zoulias took us on a journey, showing the development of fashion through the years at the 18th Athens Xclusive Designers Week.

For the show he used Athenaeum Intercontinental Athens, his setup was great for the audience, a bit more difficult for the catwalk photographers but a joy for the eye. The models were walking on a winding catwalk so all the guests could have a closer look at his creations and ended up on stage in front of their 'age'.

'Women in Mykonos through the decades' is the name of his resort 2016 collection.
Mykonos is his favorite summer destination and was the fundamental source of his inspiration. Women's style choices from the glamorous '30s up to the cosmopolitan '80s, Vassilis Zoulias transformed them, as always, into timeless creations that accentuated every woman's femininity.

Dorotea Mercuri opened the show and the journey began..

The jewellery was designed and selected by Pericles Kondylatos and gave the creations the icing of the cake.

Many well known ladies of the showbizz and international models participated at the show but let us  not forget Lugrecia! The little black poodle.

Olga Kypriotou with Lugrecia

Photos courtesy of AXDW by Studio Panoulis
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