Introducing Mo:vel: helping you to discover your inner ginga

Mo:vel (móvel) is a new footwear brand inspired by Brazilian movement and culture "Ginga".

Ginga is a concept, a feeling, a fluidity of movement that permeates the Brazilian way of life and the beat of Brazilian music. It fuels the flow of a Capoeira player, the dancer’s lithe moves and the weaving footwork of a street footballer.
It’s an attitude that resonates with those who live life on the move.

Mo:vel is on a mission to get urbanites to move with more Ginga. Their shoes are designed to let the feet move freely, fluidly and with confidence. Easily identifiable by the distinct wave structure and the striking graphics and colours, they give the wearer a feeling of freedom and inspiration to move well.

To mark the launch of the brand, Mo:vel has teamed up with the acclaimed filmmaker Mollie Mills to create a short documentary and mini-series uncovering the lives of four young Brazilian natives, each with their own distinctive Ginga.
The documentary gives us an intimate view in to each of their lives in Rio. Ailyn, The Capoeirista, Rodolfo, The Footballer , Pablo, The Dancer, and Aretha, The Party Girl


Mo:vel trainers are designed to help people experience the joy and ease of moving well, with flexibility and support, while looking stylish and unique, every step of the way.
Mo:vel Shoes created the Mo:vel trainer as a blank canvas for graphic artists who, inspired by Brazilian music, create bold, unique and joyful patterns that embody the spirit of ‘Ginga’.

For their debut collection, Mo:vel collaborated with Brazilian artists Bruno Nunes Coelho and André Coelho Moreira, who have created unique and joyful prints, inspired by the rhythms of Bossa Nova, Axé and Forró for the shoes. Mo:vel aim it to introduce limited-edition collections working with up and coming artists.

Mo:vel was born from a team of four united by a common interest – to bring the power of healthy movement into the world of footwear. The founders come from various backgrounds (fashion and luxury retail, creative innovation, health and fitness, trainers design, business innovation) and they think moving is better when you enjoy the journey, when you walk with attitude and style.


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