Fashion in Antwerp

Yesterday I was happy to be in Antwerp after a very long time. I didn't plan anything although I would like to visit the fashion quarter of Antwerp. As the Belgian fashion designers are important influencers on world fashion.

But by wandering around, impressed by the many classic buildings I forgot a little my purpose of my visit.

At the shop of Uniqlo people were waiting in a row to go inside, like everything was for free!
But I found out that this shop was just openend on the 2nd of October and until the 10th there were several discounts. Uniqlo is a Japanese company and their mission is to use "the power of clothing" to enrich people's lives and benefit society, providing simplicity, quality and sustainability.

The main shopping street in Antwerp is almost like any other shopping street, the international retail chains are very well represented.

My eye catched a shop call Vegas, selling retropolitan fashion in the Kammenstraat and by entering the shop is was like you entered a shop in the late fifties.

As in Antwerp is a shop of Shu Uemura, I liked to visit it looking for the Shupette line I wrote in a previous post about.

And these eye lashes would be great for using on a catwalk!

I was looking for a LBD and visited several shops, among them AJ and Karen Millen. I was surprised by the service.

At Armani Jeans I didn't find anything interesting so I asked the salesperson and he brought me like 10 different black dresses and I was impressed by his effort.  I wasn't wearing my high heels but immediately he provided them for me.
And at Karen Millen they let me photograph wearing the dress and their high heels so I could think about it.
Compliments! Many salespersons could learn from them!

By visiting a shop of Lush, I always get inspired of creating my own masks of natural products.

Lush sell them ready made for you! But experimenting is still an option.

Time for coffee! So stylish to present coffee in this way!

 and in a nice environment!

Antwerp is not only well know for its fashion but certainly also for its chocolates!
Don't leave without them!

See you next fall in Antwerp!

Read all about fashion in Antwerp here. Next time I will write myself about it!
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