Traditional greek costumes, an inspiration for designers

Yesterday evening 11 fashion designers presented their creations, inspired by traditonal costumes of the Greek Historical Costume Museum at the Lyceum Club of Greek Women in Kolonaki, Athens.

Marina Avdeeva, Paris Valtadoros, Maria Kallifasa, Angelos Loukakis, Mirella Manta, Ioli Michalopoulou, Evangelia Boubouli, Fationa Dibra, Stavroula Spirou, Eftychia Tzavara and Konstantina Tousé studied the architecture, the innovation and the craftsmanship of these greek costumes and translated the techniques in each unique way to a new fashionable design.

A photo review

Marina Avdeeva

Evangelia Boubouli

Evangelia Boubouli

Eftychia Tzavara

Stavroula Spirou

Eftychia Tzavara

Ioli Michalopoulou

Eftychia Tzavara

Paris Valtadoros

Fationa Dibra

Konstantina Tousé

Maria Kallifasa
Mirella Manta 

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  1. I find the inspiration wonderful and some of the designs are gorgeous! Some are less successful in integrating tradition into modern designs and textiles, yet the whole concept is very interesting.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I loved the idea, a pity I missed the presentation so I could have put more information...

  2. Hey, I was there also! Where is the design by Angelos Loukakis??? It was such a beautiful interpretation of Cretan folklore with the Yamamoto's feel. It's a pity it's not presented here.


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