All about Yves Saint Laurent Summer 2012 Look

Anais Pouliot is captured by Terry Richardson for the summer 2012 look of Yves Saint Laurent. Styling by Joe McKenna.

For the make-up of summer 2012, Yves Saint Laurent suggests a warm and luminous skin, the result of sunlight, with earthy tones that brings the thoughts of the sand and the iridescence of shells. For color contrast, focus on intense blue eyes, creating a volume bar. The iconic bronze, python print palette Terre Saharienne was inspired by Yves Saint Laurent Couture accessories and the characteristic pink and golden sand.
“I remember Harbor Island in the Bahamas where the sand is pink and another island in Mexico where it is gold. The light from these sands reflected on the skin is so sublime that these islands have become favorite spots for fashion shoots. This is the light that inspired me to create the Terre Saharienne shades.” Lloyd Simmonds - Creative Director Make-up Yves Saint Laurent.

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