Donna Summer - A legend

Donna Summer had a big influence on music during the seventies but also her influence on fashion must not be underestimated.

Donna Summer is the stage name of LaDonna Adrian Gaines (December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012).

She was an American singer-songwriter who gained prominence during the disco era of the 1970s. She was seventeen times nominated and was a five-time Grammy Award winner.

Donna Summer’s influence on fashion comes in all the sparkle, shine, skin and sexiness: thigh-high slits on dresses, brightly colored cropped trousers and so much more.

The look of the 1970s disco is the ultimate party outfit. The look is dazzling, glitzy and eclectic but not as individualistic as 1980s disco. Hair  is natural and lustrous, either long and flicked out, à la Farrah Fawcett, or in a perfect Afro.

In 2011 Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton was inspired by the funky disco dancing dresses of Donna Summer.

 And this song is used a million times and more to announce the end of the party...

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