Show me your shoes and I know your nationality!

Women have always had an obsession with shoes. It is not a national but a global phenomenon. In a study involving Euromonitor, Mintel and the European online shoe retailer, the researchers tried to find the link between shoes and nationality by identifying and better understanding.

 A few remarkable findings:

1. American women buy more shoes than their European colleagues. With an average of 5.8 pairs per year they buy a few more than European women (4.2) and three pairs of shoes more than Asian (2.7).
2. In Europe French women are on top on the number of pairs bought: six per year. A self-respecting French woman has a pair of stilettos in her shoe closet, Christian Louboutin for example, but also ballerinas.
3. British women buy an average of 5.4 pairs per year. The preferred brands are here Pretty Ballerinas and Manolo Blahnik, like the super model Kate Moss does, but also the heavy Dr. Martens shoes and boots continue to do well in the UK.
4. Italian women buying 5.2 pairs per year and loving high heels. An Italian fashion freak wears easily a 12 cm high heels on the street for an aperitif.
5. Northern European women are much sportier. In Belgium (on average less than 3.9 pairs per woman) and The Netherlands (4.7 pairs per woman) a lot of women wears easy and flexible shoes, and sneakers.
6. The European footwear market for women has a value of 50 billion, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK cover 70%.

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