From darkness to light @ El.MarneriGalerie

Yesterday evening at the gallery of Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery in the center of Athens near the Metro Station Akropolis was the opening of the exhibition 'From darkness to light'.

Stoian Donev

54 Participants of this exhibition were inspired by the work of Stoian Donev 'Light and darkness', each artist in his own field of jewellery, painting and design expressing their personal perception of “light conquering darkness”.
The eye catching and deeply symbolic work of the philhellenic artist Stoian Donev, “Light and Darkness” is presented for the first time at Eleni Marneri galerie . The artist brilliantly utilizes the two contradictory meanings with the purpose to signify that with poetry, “light can dominate darkness”.
Stoian Donev

And a few artworks captured, but there are so many interesting pieces so a visit to the gallery is a must!
Katia Delatola

Christina Kellidi

Christina Niarchou

Christina Niarchou

For more information visit the site.

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