Get ready for the Hypnôse Show by Alber Elbaz and Lancôme!

The colorful and playful film about the Hypnôse Show by Alber Elbaz and Lancôme will be released online on June 3, 2013.

The cooperation between Lancôme and Alber Elbaz, is considered by many the most exciting project between a fashion designer and a cosmetics company, and promises to be the event of the year. The collection will be released in a limited number and will be available in stores starting on June 15.

Meanwhile on June 3, Lancôme will reveal the film that inspired the designer to celebrate this collaboration, which highlights of the eccentric luxury and elegance with a touch of humor.

In Paris, a few steps away from the Seine, the show is about to begin. Around the catwalk the audience is excited and shouting 'Oh là là!'. The atmosphere is electrifying and lively expressions reaching the limits of extravagance! As the lights dim and the silence falls, only the eyes and lashes of spectator stand in the hall. Eyes during the show are wide open with curiosity, sometimes full of confidence, sometimes shiny. In each case the eyelashes beating in the dark with excitement. When the first silhouette appears on the catwalk, dressed in cloth full of hearts and a huge bow under the bust, eyelashes fluttering faster like being electrified.
A second figure in a backless dress full of stars appears. The bow is this time the color of bright blue. Finally makes its appearance a third figure with pink and black dress DOTS in highlighting her curves and cause dizziness.

The public opening wide its eyes, eyelashes beating madly, between ecstasy and sheer bliss.
From New York to Shanghai and Rio, the whole world monitor blocked the broadcasting of the Hypnose Show, when suddenly ...?

 "Our job is to tell stories. Everything starts from there, "says Alber Elbaz. "It all started with the incredibly rounded curves on the packaging of mascara. From the first moment I saw them, I thought the female body. There is something of the story of Cinderella and the magic chariot to this idea of ​​transformation. The transition from the imaginary to the real done with the help of makeup that illuminates the imagination. This was the source of inspiration for my fashion show where all you see is one eye n 'blink entranced in the front row as models are transformed into mascara."

From 27 to 31 May, three teasers will be launched, each lasting a few seconds, it will give the public a chance to peek behind the scenes of the show, that excess and playful disposal, that have the distinctive style of his drawings Alber Elbaz .

And finally on June 3, the revelation of the movie will be on YouTube and the facebook pages of Lancôme: one minute and 30 seconds full of excitement and colors. It took more than six months of work to get life plans of the famous designer, in collaboration with Pascal Dangin.

"Alber was born to create stories" emphasizes Youcef S. Nabi, President of Lancôme. "It all started with the story narrated in the form of a short film. The protagonists of the film are mascara, exactly as you have imagined. I do not believe that there was another that created a product in this way, and that makes this collection so unique. Once again, a story so original and full of joy: pure Elbaz and pure Lancôme!"

The limited edition collection of Alber Elbaz and Lancôme will be available in stores starting June 15. Includes mascara, shadow palettes, odd shadows and for the first time in Lancôme, false eyelashes. This is the first time the designer signs makeup collection.

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