Clash-ified.2 @ The Fashion Room Service XXL

Thursday evening Ozon Magazine organised The Fashion Room Service XXL in Athens, I already gave you a glimpse of the event in a previous post. Now some more photos of Clash-ified.2, one of the participants of the event.

Clash-ified is known as T-shirt house, each t-shirt represents a unique idea through the spectrum of Art and Fashion.
During the event Clash-ified launched a new line called SiN, the designs of the t-shirts are inspired by the fanzine Manual by Parisko and Tind.

About the brand

It started in October 2011, two professionals of the fashion industry, Sandy Karagianni and Fivos Coutsicos, who felt that it was the perfect moment to evolve their aspirations and transform them into inspirations from today’s world of art and fashion. They believe that style is beyond fashion commands for people who aren’t afraid of staying true to their personal aesthetic beliefs.

So they started with Clash-ified2 Premium T-Shirts for men and women.
The design, quality and production of the Clash-ified2 collections is controlled by their creators, Sandy Karagianni, a fashion stylist and director, working for fashion magazines in Greece such as Harper’s Bazaar, Votre Beaute, and L’Officiel, with a passion for art and design and Fivos Coutsicos, a London College of Fashion graduate, talented DJ and producer of electronic music.

Sandy Karagianni with in her hand the Fanzine by Pariskp and Tind

Both have combined their artistic instincts with a sentimental fashion touch to create a modish yet easy-to-wear look. All t-shirts are produced in Greece under their personal supervision in order to ensure quality control, so that the final product consistently conveys the company’s culture, ideas and values.

About Parisko

Paris Koutsikos is a special artist who is dedicated to experimenting and communicating through his preferred medium… creative forms of graphic design. With a wide range of graphic applications, including typography, collage, installations and silk screen printing. He is better known by his artistic name Parisko.

About Tind

Tind is a full service screen printing studio and design operation located in Athens. Tind takes the art of screen printing to the highest level of artistic excellence. The print shop and studio is founded by Chrysanthos Angelakis back in the seventies and today he works with his son Manolis.
Manolis Angelakis draws from a variety of old and new methods which he applies to the craft of silkscreen printing: gold leafing, glow in the dark paints and more are printed on everything from posters, skateboard decks, stickers and business cards.
Silk screen for Tind is a form of high creative art.

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