'The world of El Greco' by Laskaris Haute Couture

This evening at Technopolis in Athens Laskaris Haute Couture presented his winter 2014-2015 collection inspired by the works of El Greco, from the color palettes, shapes and fabrics to the sartorial details.

Four centuries after his death, El Greco remains not only a benchmark for the global art but is also inspiring fashion.
For months the fashion designer Laskaris studied historical books of art of the renowned Greek painter, did research on luxurious fabrics and craft techniques, and created an exclusive collection of clothing inspired by the paintings and life of El Greco.

The show, dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the death of El Greco and "El Greco year", full of precious materials, workmanship, interpretations of the artwork and an amazing lighting decor by Maria Kalamara made the audience speechless.

El Greco look-alike and 'his son' opened the show, Nikos Karagkiaouris, baritone at the opera, and Filippos Koutsourelis.

El Greco was centuries ahead of its time, even in fashion. Both clothes and hair were key trends in the fashion of the 30s of last century and on. Something that is incredibly impressive and proves that this great creator inspired all of us.

All the show is inspired by El Greco and his time. Laskaris and his team studied everything carefully. Their goal was to present fashion, not theatrical costumes, clothes that are wearable and fashionable today.
That was the hardest part of creating since Laskaris had to find all the elements of which will give him the opportunity to design and build a collection of dresses, coats and toilets.
The heroes depicted in the paintings come to life in a glam show.

The black and white clothing with impressive collars, distinguished in many of the famous portraits of El Greco, embroidered items from capes and uniforms. Monks, princes and warriors, all were part of the inspiration of the designer, who dared a huge challenge.

"The issue for me as designer of clothing, was to gather all the information that will accompany me on this journey. I found them through the works of El Greco, I studied all the books through analysing his work and his life. Weeks I had committed to the whole effort and finally I found the key inspiration.
The difficulty for me was to find out which one could stand in the current season and creating a new trend, while the public is totally reminded of El Greco." explains the designer based in Athens.

For example the collar El Greco painted in 1580, "Portrait of a gentleman from Casa de Leiva". "The collar I made with materials, so it stands exactly as in the painting. In some places I used a special silicone, so it looks like the original."

He created a series of dresses on which he embroidered by hand exactly the same patterns.
Also the weapons are embroidered in sheer fabric with gold and silver threads,
Some accessories are of leather like the faces of angels, wings and feathers, which were made of specific templates, the same as the famous paintings that are currently in prominent museums around the world or in personal collections.

The show didn't end with a classic wedding dress, but with one of the figures of the Virgin of El Greco, worn by Nonika Tsapela, actress and the granddaughter of Nonika Galinea.
Just like "The glory of Philippe II" by El Greco the show ended with a tableau vivant.

"Thus, only for this presentation I will make a creation with the Virgin dressed in white, just like we see in the painting "San Ildenfonso" of 1608, with gold details and striking crown on her head."

The fashion show was in honor of the great Greek painter, 400 years after his death, characterising the theatricality of the paintings of the Cretan artist. It told the path of the painter from Crete to Spain with its decoration, lighting, kinesiology and music, creating an authentic atmosphere.

The handmade tiara, a copy of the painting "The Coronation of the Virgin" and the religious articles are by Gregory and Elena Katsakiori. The overknee boots are by Stathis Samantas.
Make up by Elena Psoma and hairstyling by Valentino.

Read more on El Greco and don't miss the art exhibition of El Greco at Benaki Museum in Athens, see here .
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