Introducing Bambie & Butler Handbags Collection

Bambie & Butler is proud to present their luxurious debut collection. The British brand is responsible for designing a unique and stylish women’s wear and accessories line.

Bambie & Butler’s debut collection includes women’s daily wear, handbags, and accessories.

The woman sporting a Bambie & Butler design is bon vivant, sassy, and lives and breathes the luxury lifestyle. Born out of a dusty, vintage clothing chest, the Bambie & Butler designs evoke dreamy childhood memories of dressing up in Victorian Atelier whilst twirling in front of the vanity mirror of grandmother’s Rosewood cottage.

Madame Dauphine

Time practically stands still with Bambie & Butler in such a classic style, which forms the DNA of the brand. According to Bambie & Butler, “We at Bambie & Butler are a UK based luxury brand. We are eccentrically British, and at the heart of everything we create there is time-honored craftsmanship.” From the quality of fabric in their clothing designs to the fine details of the accessories line, Bambie & Butler only uses the finest techniques.
The pieces are crafted using only hand-embellishment techniques, which have been honed by Embroiders “Hand & Lock,” London. Est. 1767.
They also entrust their luxury leather needs with specialist, Pittards Plc, Est. 1826.

On top of their attention to fine craftsmanship, Bambie & Butler stresses the importance of shape and fit. To ensure the best fit, the brand ensures each step of the design process only selects from the best, starting with material. The Ethos of the brand is the base of the fabric, from which all design aesthetics are created. According to the brand, “A million people can design a tea dress, but very few can design a tea dress created from tea!”

To create a unique and signature look, Bambie & Butler focus on using a rich and opulent colour pallet in order to compliment the wearers’ surroundings. Available in various colours, from warm neutrals to rich jewel tones, customers will feel confident carrying any one of Bambie & Butler’s A/W 2014 handbags. Customers can choose from the Madame Pompadour, Mademoiselle Lisette, Madame Dauphine, and Mademoiselle De Clermont. Made with fine leathers, classic hardware, and luxurious sheepskin, the Bambie & Butler woman will be the envy of every British fashion mogul.

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