Introducing TRASH4FLASH

TRASH4FLASH is a Athens based jewellery brand, designed by Katerina Stamatopoulou.

Katerina vision behind TRASH4FLASH is to highlight the power and beauty of upcycled jewellery and promote a more ethical approach towards fashion. T4F is introduced in the jewellery market as a fashion brand, based on the originality of forward concept designs.
Strongly supporting the benefit of uniqueness, all products are one-off offering the fans the advantage to stand out. 

"Modern art constantly changes faces according to the socio-political conditions which bring forward new artistic movements. Over-consumption has led to the over-possession of products which tend to become useless; just plain objects at the end of their life cycle. One of today’s movements is trash art; the creation of artifacts using discarded material, which they now come into play in order to redefine art, in this case, the art of making jewellery."

Here a glimpse of the Elite collection for this winter.

Photos by Nikolas Tsakris, model Daphne Kalyva, Make up Zoe Tzirtzilaki and Hair Styling Eleni Karipidi.

For more visit T4F

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