Julia Roberts for Calzedonia

Julia Roberts has been captured for the Italian brand Calzedonia the way we like her with a charming smile. In the commercial she is a real woman during a journey, discovering herself through places and meetings.

She is, in other words, the main character of the new promotional video called “Life is a journey”, which has been shot last summer in Scotland, Italy and France.

Starting from Scotland, where a pristine landscape requires silence and listen. Then there is Paris, where Julia is immersed, following the Seine as it was the flow of her existence, through bookstores, romantic encounters and dreaming atmospheres up to the sunset. But in a strong desire of authenticity, Julia’s awakening happens in the warm atmosphere of a farmhouse in the hills near Florence. A land of history, tradition and beauty, which will make her understand one important thing: Life is a journey, to enjoy at every step.

An emotional commercial, with an authentic and cinematographic taste, desired by Calzedonia to speak once again from women to women, through the most charming smile of contemporary cinema.

Source: Calzedonia

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