Breakfast with Ant1 - The outfits

Yesterday morning at one of the most beautiful suites of King George Hotel in the center of Athens, greek broadcasting company Antenna TV presented their program for the mornings, starting Monday the 17th of October.

Veteran George Papadakis will start early in the morning interviewing all kind of people about the news. From politicians to farmers in his own unique way, tough or comforting, trying to get the guests to say all he or she knows about the subject and get information that the guest actually didn't want to share... yet.
Followed by TV couple Christos Ferentinos and Sissy Christidou with more 'light' subjects, introducing the other participants of the morning show and giving us an impression of what we can expect this fall.
Cooking, astrology, gossip and so on.
Of course I couldn't resist to take also some photos of the outfits...

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  1. Το κίτρινο σακάκι της Σίσσυ Χρηστίδου είναι υπέροχο!


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