"Encounters" with art of Phaedon Anastasiadis

This evening was the opening of the exhibition Encounters: Eclectic Affinities with the art of Phaedon Anastasiadis  at the Cultural Center Melina in the center of Athens.
The parents of Phaedon Anastasiadis welcomed the guests and Eugenia Alexaki, the curator, explained the art works. Showing the work of the visual artists inspired by a work of Phaedon, he lived from 1970 to 2001.
Here a view photos of the pieces of art and some photos of the opening.
Eleni Pavlopoulou: With both light and death incessantly (The photo is showing only the light part of the painting, the original you can see here.)
Inspired by Phaedon's Young women in white dress 1995
Giannis Diamandis: Last supper

And Phaedon's shoes
Phaedon's Interior of a church in Bruges 1993 and in front Prayer by Clio Makri

Eugenia Alexaki

The parents of Phaedon Anastasiadis with in the background a self portrait of Phaedon as Sailor
If you like to see all the pieces of art you can visit Phaedon's blog and read more about the orginate of the exhibition.
But even better is to visit the exhibition, it is until the 30th of October.

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