Kiehl's 'Save the Donkey' in Glyfada

This afternoon at Hondos center in Glyfada Kiehl's organized a party to launch their new campaign 'Save the Donkey' with ESPI (Ε.Σ.Π.Ι. - to give attention and aid to the beloved but disappearing species, and their elderly, often poverty-stricken owners.

Dimitris Alexakis and Grigoris Triantafyllou of Deux Hommes and Orsalia Parthenis designed T-shirts for this cause. In the photo Orsalia is wearing her design and Deux Hommes their's.
And the back of Deux Hommes T-shirt is like this, on the photo worn by Vicky Kaya:

The profits of the sales of the T-shirts are to Save the Donkey. Here in greek what a donkey needs...
While enjoying a 'Donkita' cocktail (carot juice with vodka) or a carot cake with mountain tea the guests shopped also the limited edition T-shirt!

Deux Hommes with Katerina Misixroni

And here a few photos of the guests.

Alex, Barbara and Tolis

Dimitris Petrou

Georgios Carabellas
Oliana of Starbags
Elena Syraka

Tina of All the vanity, Evi of CBSG5861 and Arietta of Stripes & Scarlets

"Time is like a donkey! You say to run it stops, you say to stop it runs"

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