Vassilios Kostetsos at 14th Athens Fashion Week - Men's Wear

Yesterday evening at Technopolis - Athens Vassilios Kostetsos opened the fourth day of Athens Fashion Week with his spring-summer 2012 collection 'Boy on a Dolphin'.
He presented men's and women's wear, in my previous post you could see a glimpse of his women's wear collection, now his men's wear.

This men's wear gives a clear inspiration of the film 'Boy on a Dolphin'. The navy look of the fifties. The film was partly captured on the greek island of Hydra featuring Alan Ladd and Sophia Loren.
Phaedra, performed by Sophia Loren, a sponge diver found the statue of 'Boy on a Dolphin' and the story begins...

The lyrics of the title song:
There's a tale that they tell of a dolphin and a boy made of gold.
With the shells and the pearls in the deep, he has lain many years fast asleep.
What they tell of the boy on a dolphin, who can say if it's true?
Should he rise from the depths of the ocean, any wish that you wish may come true.
You say he's only a statue and what can a statue achieve?
And yet, while I'm gazing at you, my heart tells my head to believe.
If the boy whom the gods have enchanted should arise from the sea.
And the wish of my heart could be granted, I would wish that you loved only me.

In the film there are so many landscapes of Greece, a real advertisement for Greece and Vassilios Kostetsos is promoting not only his collection but also his love for Greece.
Also he did it in his previous collection with the garments of ancient prints...(click here to see it).
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