Stathis Samantas Spring-Summer 2014 collection

Stathis Samantas presents his spring-summer 2014 collection of shoes, from stilettos to flat shoes, from bold colors to pastels and nude.

Key features of the greek shoe designer are the clean, strict lines and geometric shapes, accentuated by bold colors or by calm pastel colors to highlight another detail in the design.

Concentric circles with different diameter, zigzags and lines ending in spirals coming out of the known limits who wants to touch the straps over the foot. An orgasm of geometry.

Heels follow the linear aesthetic of the collection. They are thin stiletto of 13cm, descending to 10,5 cm heel with a very heavy base, result sharply to dagger, giving the impression of an "inverted balance'' and of course summer flat shoes .

The materials and colors are combined in such a way to support the possible outline shapes . The nude shade in conjunction with pvc gives a sense of transparency , purity, and quiet strength.

The black and green suede give a feeling of weightlessness and luxury combined with leather silver mirror, whose glare finally leveled the satin sheen soft Sevres .

The skins very thin and soft, have smooth surfaces without stamps and give a smooth image on the shoes, avoiding many visual information and highlight patterns and lines.

Stathis Samantas Spring-Summer 2014 collection Stathis Samantas Spring-Summer 2014 collection Reviewed by Patricia Munster on 1:18:00 AM Rating: 5

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