Wouters & Hendrix @ VFNO 2013

Wouters & Hendrix jewelry had a pop up store at the Vogue Warehouse in Amsterdam during Fashion's Night Out, presenting their jewelry. Katrin Wouters and Karen Hendix have mainly silver designs, each of which tells its own story using colourful childhood memories, original combinations of materials and bizarrely ambiguous references. And since 3 years also a gold collection. Here a glimpse of some of the jewelry.

About Wouters & Hendrix
Katrin Wouters and Karen Hendrix both graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, section goldsmithing in their native town Antwerp. They started designing jewelry together since 1984 as best friends and are now a firm part of Antwerp's fashion scene.

Along the way, their mix of refinement and adventure became more and more sophisticated and so did the materials of their craft shifting from copper to sterling silver and semi-precious stones such as onyx, smoky quartz, moonstone, citrine, jade, chrysoprase, mother of pearl.

W&H seek out the shapes which best display the characteristics of semi-precious stones to their advantage with drops, flowers, rectangles.

They have 2 collections a year, but their "My favourite" line, mainly timeless sterling silver pieces, is permanently for sale.

The exquisite handwork and couture finish of W&H jewelry has earned them international renown with clients as Baycrew's, HP France, Joyce, Liberty, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Le Bon Marché, La Garçonne,…
Humour is an endless inspiration in their work resulting in daring and eclectic pieces. Chains, medaillons and pendants reoccur in the different collections with haunting names. This jewelry is a dialogue between ostentation and austerity, between shadow and light.
Since 2007, W&H translate their imagination also into pure gold. Thanks to this new material, they evolve to an expression of more personal and calmer shapes, by creating single parts, testifying to a timeless beauty which is completely released from the tendencies of the day.

But be not mistaken, they will continue to embrace the daily mysteries, to travel in their world of ludic discoveries, to fall for this first glance which reveals a whole universe. They will remain, as they say it themselves, completely trapped.
W&H are very proud to be able to currently distribute their GOLD collection and to have started a new tale in the world of jewellery.
More on Wouters & Hendrix and the collections on www.wouters-hendrix.com.
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