Jazz Kuipers @ VFNO 2013

At Vogue Warehouse in the center of Amsterdam nominees of Lichting 2013 had the opportunity to present their best design in one of the rooms during Vogue Fashion's Night Out.

Impressed by the design by Jazz Kuipers, I start with her.

Jazz Kuipers is a dutch fashion designer, who specializes in menswear. She recently graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. During her study she interned at Boris Bidjan Saberi in Barcelona and was part of the Individuals, Generation 12 design team.

With her collection 'Until the quiet comes' she won the Lectra Award for 3D virtual prototyping in 2013. In the same year she was also selected for the Lichting G-Star Talent Award and gave her the opportunity to show her collection at Amsterdam Fashion Week in July 2013.

As a way of working, Jazz always starts by creating a new world, within this new worlds she starts to design. This process is always a reaction to the current time and environment where she is living in.
The foundations of these worlds are always the same: putting down the ultimate masculinity.
By working with a lot of leather, denim, organic cottons and non-fabrics, the yound designer creates highly technical pieces, who breathe masculinity.

For more information on Jazz Kuipers, visit her website.
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