Angeliki Kasalia's Cocoon @ Cine Manto Mykonos

Until the 29th of September Angeliki Kasalia exhibits her photographic work at Cine Manto in Mykonos.

Angeliki Kasalia is involved in photography for the last two years . She has attended seminars on photography such as: Introduction to artistic photography by Plato Rivellis. Angeliki is a member of the Photography Club of Syros where she lives. Cine Manto in Mykonos proudly presents her second personal exhibition.

Her photos are published in various magazines like Φωτογράφος (Photographer) and Futorion. In 2013 she took part in a global contest in which 13.000 photographers of 72 countries participated. Jury members were: PSA (PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA), UPI (UNITED PHOTOGRAPHERS INTERNATIONAL), FIAP (THE INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ART) and HELLENIC PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY. The competition shortlisted 6 of 10 of her photos and are published in a Digital Catalogue on the Internet.


The cocoon, the cocoon, waiting , expectation , death and resurrection ... The " blind" life, curled up in the primordial fetal position , heartbreakingly lonely inside a protective veil - membrane - cytoskeleton, inexperienced eyes dazzle, waiting patiently to face the light, fold the numb parts and bounce to the upright posture emancipated .

The veil - the membrane - membrane - the cocoon wrap without threat , including but not prevent , protect but not castrating promise but didnt 'promise'.

'Perform multiple , sometimes visible and sometimes indistinguishable missions with a view to grand arrival to light after a lonely , inner journey and a route with baby steps , full of setbacks , reminiscing , deletions , notes in the margins and bold ostentatious leaps in every direction .

The cocoon, the cocoon, is indeed the voyage ... so Bon Voyage to the known and the unknown and especially so long to the crossroads of the soul !

Cine Manto
84600 Limni, Chora Mykonos, tel.: +30 22890 26165

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