10th AXDW: Zina Glou 'Fatale en Rouge'

Zina Glou is one of the youngest designers at the 10th Athens Exclusive Designers Week (AXDW), and she showed us her new collection on Sunday the 23rd of October at Ethniki Asfalistiki Conference Center.

After three years of study in Milan and the transcription of the Instituto Marangoni in London, she is ready to graduate having completed her studies in fashion design and enter dynamically into this space.
Although only 21 years old, the young designer notes in the biography of two entries in the organization of international fashion week collections characterized by elegance and style.
The fabrics chosen are airy, with sharp slides, ideal for feminine curves that highlight her femininity in all its glory.
This year's collection of 10th in Athens Exclusive Designers Week, changed and stood for the patterns and designs she presented for the first time.
Featuring the title «Fatale en Rouge», the creations of a feminine line of "dipped" in shades of red reported to the public a «girly» and «sexy» mood and fits perfectly into the air of summer.
"Inevitably the red" So, for your eyes only! With her collection see won the award 'Most favorite new designer'

Have a glimpse a her collection.

Have also a look at the creations with flowers and fruits by Antonello, specially made for the fashion show of Zina Glou.

Fashion Director Dimitris Grammatikogiannis
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