29th Classic Marathon in Athens

Yesterday more than 18.000 people participated at the 29th Classic Marathon in Athens. Challenging the difficult weather circumstances each one participated to conquer that own goals. Participants from all the world took part at "The Original, Authentic, Olympic Course"

The 42,195 distance of the classic race is considered one of the most difficult worldwide, but at the same time it is a great honour for all athletes participating in it as it covers the distance Miltiadis had to cover to inform the Athenians of their victory over the Persians.

Here just a few snapshots.

And the bananas of Chiquita  was a welcome treat after the great perfomances of each participant

Abdelkerim Boubker from Morroco was the big winner of the Marathon and touched the finish line in 2 hrs, 11mins and 40 secs. Second came the Kenyan athlete Sami Tsuba and third his compatriot Daniel Diritu.

The first Greek athlete who finished in the race was Demetris Theodorakakos, who won 7th place and had a good time but did not break Spyros Andriopoulos' Pan-Hellenic record.

In women, the first to finish was Elfense Melaku from Ethiopia with 2 hrs 35 mins and 25 secs, the second was Kamila Kanipova from Russia with 2hrs 35 mins and 31 secs and Tunisian Amira Ben Amor came third with 2hrs 42mins and 15secs. The first Greek female athlete to cross the finish line was Sofia Riga, who came fifth with 2hrs 45mins and 43secs.
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