TR2 The Synergies with Alex Kavdas

This evening Georgios Carabellas of TR2/ThissionRevisited2 organized a party at Dias in Marousi (suburb of Athens) inspired by the High School Proms in the fifties.
Master of Ceremony was Alex Kavdas, one of our favorite TV presenters.

The Athens Swing Cats entertained, featuring a live performance, inspiring the crowd to participate and there was a best dance pair competition. And I was impressed by Alex dance talent!

Georgios Carabellas and Alex Kavdas also choose the most fashionable prom King & prom Queen of the night. And their synergie was the design of sous-verres, especially inspired by the theme of the evening.

Guests had the opportunity not only to shop unique TR2 products but also to enjoy the special flavor of Fischer Premium Pilsener Beer and the Ioli Natural Mineral water.

Kayak offered special tastes of ice-creams for the event: Fizzy, bubblegum, vanilla, peanut butter, delicious cupcakes and cookies.

The 50's set was reminiscent by caramelized popcorn & punch, which was offered by New York Sandwiches.

Armani Code Homme & Armani Code Femme, the new series of fragrances by Giorgio Armani were a perfect match to the event with element of glamour, boldness and tension. During the night guests had the opportunity to learn more about Giorgio Armani face products and could try a professional make up by Face designer S. Savvas or the team of Giorgio Armani products and make up series of Giorgio Armani beauty.

Guests were dressed up for this High School Prom Night and more on their outfits in my next post.

P.S. In the invitation was mentioned the forties but the whole event reminded me of the I have seen in films like Grease.
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  1. I knew that I'll see the photos of the event & turn green of my jealous for not being there.....hope next time ...cold will arrange an appointment before it comes...


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